I've had this blog for a very long time, and I've loved tumblr every moment of it. However, I have a new tumblr blog now, which I consider my new personal blog, and this one I now consider retired. I won't delete it, because I want to remember it, and I love a lot of the things I've reblogged here lol. I may also potentially come back and reblog stuff occasionally, and I want to just have it as an archive. I love you followers. Thanks so much. If you'd like my new tumblr blog, please message me and let me know, but keep in mind it's not quite as "cute" as this one, it's more "fandom-y" haha.
But I will love you always


Age 104 year old man and his age 100 wife, they are poor. They have been married for 81 years and they never got to take a picture together on their wedding day. So when she finally tried on the wedding dress, he was so happy to hug her, and told her how beautiful she was.

I’m about to go cry .

the rings omfg

I have done all of these things today.


Can someone recommend a few more k-fashion or k-drama blogs for me to follow? Please and thank you ^-^

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